Caulk Cap 2-Pack


• Seals caulking tubes to use again and again.
• The puncture point starts your project fast.
• Non-stick materials allow for easy cleaning.
• Saves you money.

1.) Select a caulking tube.
2.) Cut tip to desired bead size.
3.) Use puncture pin to break the membrane inside the tube and wipe pin clean.
4.) Use caulking; when done, seal by pressing your Caulk Cap on until snug.

Non-stick materials let you just wipe the cap clean. If needed, you can also pull the pin out of the cap and clean to like-new condition.

Safety Warning
Sharp objects and small parts can be dangerous to small children, keep all caulking products stored in a safe location.

Our Commitment
Caulk Cap is committed to responsible manufacturing. No harmful materials are used. Our products and packaging are 100% recyclable.

  • Model: CCY-2